Sunday, October 26, 2008

FNL: Report from the Background

It's been pretty quiet in here lately. (Thanks, I do have a gift for understatement.) So, here's an update...

I've had a few opportunities in the last year or so to work as an extra on the TV series Friday Night Lights, as much of it shoots here in the Austin area. Couldn't fit it into my schedule on most days, but last Wednesday I decided to get in on the action.

I'd hoped to work as a Coach, but the only slots left for my type and age were for Parents. I showed up at the ersatz home of the Dillon Panthers, ready to shoot a scene where parents rally for their "sons" as they're bused off to an away game.

We waited as Panther cheerleaders engaged in the shoe-polish ritual:

It was cloudy most of that morning, until around 11 or so when the sun decided to remind us that it might be October, but central Texas doesn't really see Fall until at least November. Between takes and multiple camera setups, I tried to shield my face from the solar onslaught --- I'd left the sunscreen at home. By the time we were done waving and cheering (mostly in pantomime), I knew without even looking in a mirror that my mug was going to be lobster-red.

Just before the final command of "check the gate" from the 1st AD, things changed a bit:

Nice timing, cloud cover. Sure, maybe you looked threatening, but you didn't even produce any rain to cool us off.

On an up note, Kyle Chandler ("Coach Taylor") was kind enough to say hi as he hurried to wardrobe. Reports of his being an exceptionally nice guy are confirmed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weight Loss Going Well..... has been tough but the weight loss and workout plan seems to be paying off. As you can tell from the before and after photos progress has been made......abs coming around and the clothes (ok, bikini underwear!) seem to be fitting better....Hope all is well with everyone and you have enjoyed my progress report......ok, its someone elses turn to keep us all up to date on family happenings......

Take care,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One last thing.....I am now on a diet and just wanted everyone to see the "before" photo !! I have hired a personal trainer to drop the pounds and this photo was taken of "me" right after my first workout and as you can tell I have a long way to go....excuse the "bikini" underwear but they make me feel sexy and the shoes help me to look! Imagine how I will look when that mid section is a firm six pack....I will keep you posted with updated pics if you like?? Take care all and wish me luck !!


Forgot to add this pic.....

Jonathan Houston - Baseball

Jonathan had a great year as a freshman at Arkansas Tech University this year. Started as a freshman, batted .339 , 3 homeruns and was named to the Gulf South Conference 1st team All-Conference.....He has decided to transfer and play one year of junior college baseball. He was offered a full baseball scholarship to Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, Texas adn will play there next year. For you Texas family members (thats most of you!!) he will be playing in your neck of the woods some...Alvin Community College, Blinn Community College, Angelina, Wharton, San Jacinto, etc......I will get his schedule on here as soon as it comes out . The hope is that he will have a good year and be recruited to a Division I school like, Arkansas, Texas, A&M, Oklahoma, Sam Houston ,etc....Lets keep our fingers crossed......enough bragging, just wanted you to know.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stifler's MOM !!

Gee little brother....hanging out with Stifler's mom!! Man I am jealous....Congrats on the role....Keep us posted on your happenings. Anything new on the video game voice over ??

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Not a Cop...

But I do play one in the movies. (Okay, just one movie.)

Details and pictures over at my voiceover blog.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'll See Your Old Pics and Raise you Four.

Hey everyone,

Guess I'll get my feet wet with some pics you may or may not have seen. I'll have some reasonably-current pics of Carla, Amber & myself up soon. Meantime...

1992, M'ville

Christmas, 1971, Nanny's

I think this one is from '78 in Sulphur Springs, although I could be wrong...

Dad, me, and Shawn - 1980

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Congratulations Laura! Laura graduated from Tarleton State University on Saturday, May 10th. She received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education! What a happy day! Lots of smiles (and a few tears from mom and dad!) as you can tell by the pictures. Well, now we have two down and one to go! Jason has two more years . . . . . .

Thumbs up! I did it!

Jason, Laura and Leeland

Jason, Randy, Laura, Me, Morgan and Leeland

Way to Go Laura - We are so proud of you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More from Mike

Yep, thats right ...its me again. It is obvious that I dont have a life or I wouldnt be posting on here so much. Ran across a few photos which are quite representative of the "all american family" !!! These are pre-David photos....sorry Dave ! Enjoy!
Yes...that is 'manly man' Mike or Uncle Mike
Yes...that is 'sexy cheryl' and
Yes...that short one is miss angie.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well....I would like to introduce my new friend (16 month friendship!), Sandi. Ok...we are more than friends, in fact Sandi and I will be married sometime in the next 6-12 months. Isn't she lucky??? LOL! No really, I am the lucky one. Sandi is an Interior Decorator with a furniture company in Rogers, AR called I.O. Metro. We met...get this, on the internet, specifically on the website, She is wonderful person, great personality and exquisite taste in men !! Hopefully she will be with me at Thanksgiving and can get to know her.....ok, time for all others to jump on here. If you dont post something then me and Cheryl will just have our own brother-sister party here.....Hope everyone is ok.... Mike


Well, I am certainly am rookie at this blogging! Before today, I was just simply a blog "lurker" , meaning of course that I just looked at other folks blogs, laughed at the everyday things they would post. So . . . . a "lurker" no more!
These pictures were taken at Easter. We will have to get Leeland and Morgan to add a post and get us some more updated photos of them. We are excited about Laura's graduation coming up this weekend. Two down and one to go! I think there will be a raise about September! WooHoo!

Okay, Mike and I have done our part. It's time for the rest of the extended family to join in. Catch us up to date, post a smile. If you don't I will be forced to show you a picture of my new cell phone (which IS extremely cute, by the way)!


Well...hello to all (uh..thats just you for now Cheryl !) I cant wait for this blog 'thang' to kick off and get going.... I have some fantastic things to tell everyone about me, talk about me, pictures of me, etc. !! ha! just joshing you for now.... but I will have some stuff on here shortly, pics of kids, new job information on me, etc..... Lets be sure that we all share some pictures (good side and bad side, Randy I didnt say your 'backside'!) Enough for now....lets get this party started......OUT!